suitable; proper; becoming:
planned with a befitting sense of majesty.
to be proper or appropriate for; suit; fit:
his clothes befit the occasion.
contemporary examples

i’d much prefer to be predicting a strong dollar, one befitting a great nation on the rise.
the dollar’s scary decline jeffrey e. garten january 29, 2010

those are serious arguments, befitting a serious antagonist.
why the rush to sell gold coins is drowning out real critiques of obama david frum march 31, 2013

befitting his monotonous moniker, benjamin benjamin is a pacific northwesterner for whom every day is equally uninspiring.
jonathan evison’s on the road: ‘the revised fundamentals of caregiving’ kevin canfield september 13, 2012

as befitting a reality-tv star, elsa now has her own twitter account—which she refers to as “twister.”
why the real housewives of miami flopped nicole laporte april 17, 2011

befitting its location, the conference is half central banking symposium and half rural vacation weekend.
summer camp for bankers matthew zeitlin august 30, 2012

historical examples

it is of good design, and on it are befitting quotations from his poetry; but after all we were sorry to see it.
the cathedral towns and intervening places of england, ireland and scotland: thomas w. silloway

so likewise it was befitting women to be chaste and refined, and to endure.
the man who wins robert herrick

let him use a befitting neatness, not verging toward the effeminate, but just avoiding a rustic harshness.
the life of cicero anthony trollope

they have been called n-ble and masterly, and the words are befitting.
portrait miniatures george c. williamson

triumphal archways with memorial tablets and pedestals of carved lions are befitting portals to a really n-ble work.
an australian in china george ernest morrison

verb -fits, -fitting, -fitted
(transitive) to be appropriate to or suitable for

1560s, present participle adjective from befit (q.v.). related: befittingly.

mid-15c., from be- + fit (v.). related: befitted; befitting.

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