a stupid fat person.
connor is a behemer

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  • mak kau hijau

    it is simply a roast. meaning your mother is green kids in malaysia use this roast its kind of a signature roast. hey mark! mak kau hijau!

  • qira

    a c-nt .. that’s all. guy: hey qira! other guy: my name is daniel? guy: i know…

  • fambae

    noun. a friend whom you would totally want to call bae if they just weren’t so d-mn ugly. k-ssidy – “it’s no problem!! i love bringing my friends wendy’s at their work most days. alex – “k-ssidy, you really are fambae.”

  • trumpeteering

    the simple act of making america great again. american voters have decided to start trumpeteering, instead of sticking with the recent us government trend of international b-ttersnap-sh-tf-ckery.

  • awesome saucepan

    something you say when someone does something nice and you need to return them with a gratidude 1. (delivery person hands man package) man: “awesome saucepan” 2. i’ve sent you that file in a email. reply: “awesome saucepan”

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