a word used in a joking retad talk.
whats going on here!! bekfist

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  • settled down

    to settle down is to stop being a f-ck boy or f-ck girl and getting your sh-t together by taking the next serious step in a relationship pepe and maria have settled down with each other and are now in a serious relationships

  • painters pludger

    when a painter finally accepts his or her lifetime virginity and as a result becomes s-xually attracted to paint brushes to which they lube up with melted “i can’t believe it’s not b-tter” and then solves it up their -ss. did you hear about the new fad technique painters are using to get off? it’s […]

  • khigga

    a type of traditional -ssyrian dance that involves foot movements and hand holding. -ssyrian 1: do you want to dance khigga? -ssyrian 2: let me just get my dancing shoes on! -ssyrian 1: kelelelelelellelelle

  • cuyo

    a perfect-in-every-way cute feminine boy who is not gay. that boy is like cuyo!

  • jumbasa

    a sketchy -ss f-ckin dude, bruh. dude you’re a doodlebop -ss jumbasa

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