the most perfect girl you’ll ever meet. she’s perfect in all ways looks, and personality. when you see her, you’ll be amazed with her beauty. when you first lay your eyes on her you won’t be able to take them off, when u look her in the eye you can’t help but get even closer to that beutiful face and hope to get even closer wit her.take the time to get to know her, it’ll be worth it. entering her life would be very lucky, you’ll be suprised about what perfection has been through. she is someone you would go on your knees for and marry. anyone would be the luckiest person to have her. the love is worth it. c.n.
guy: i love belky
an absolutely amazinggg girl, thats funny, crazy, and a lil wild at times. she can sometimes leave scars that will never go away 😉
guy: dude omg that belky totally blew my back.

girl: like omg i wish i could be like belky.

guy to belky: you are so animalistic.

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