Bell 103

bell 103

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  • Bell bronze

    noun an alloy of copper and tin that contains a high proportion (at least 20 per cent) of tin: used for bell founding

  • Bell burnell

    bell burnell bell burnell (běl’ bûr’něl’) british astronomer. in 1967, working with astronomer antony hewish, she discovered the first pulsar.

  • Bell communications research, inc

    bell communications research, inc (bellcore) the research laboratory for the seven regional bell telephone companies in the usa that were created by the divest-ture of at&t in 1984. it can be compared to bell laboratories, for which many bellcore employees used to work. currently jointly owned by the seven baby bells (as they are called), […]

  • Bell-hanger's bit

    a bit for drilling small holes through studs or the like.

  • Bell laboratories

    bell laboratories one of at&t’s research sites, in murray hill, new jersey, usa. it was the birthplace of the transistor, unix, c and c++ and the current home of research on plan 9 and ode. at&t research ( ( netlib sources ( (1994-11-17)

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