an attempt to cover a screw up so bad that it will cost you everything, then lie, get caught, & continue to lie to try & cover the lies.
tim got so drunk he took his old man’s car, hit a tree, totaled it, then took off. when the cops showed up at the house to question his dad about the car, he called tim to the living room. tim tried to benghazi his sister by blaming her even though a traffic camera recorded the whole incident & caught him exiting the wreck. tim tried to convince the cops it wasn’t him, it was just someone who looked like him, continuing the benghazi.
a middle east morning s-x act involving snakes.

once the snake is inserted in the p–per, an arabian woman may exclaim “benghazi!!!!”
a man puts a live snake under his 5th wife’s burka in the morning. as it crawls up her p–per, she awakens and exclaims “benghazi” a partial -rg-sm, a partial surrprise. the husband may chant “obama” if he deems it fits the mood of the room.
second largest city in libya it is a middle city between east and west one of the first cities to revolt against the gaddafi regime population of 650629 it has a wide coast and a major shipping dock and a local airport as large as the city maybe it has very close family relations and tribal influence
benghazi use to be a capital of the barqa province and a major city in libya full of history
when the build up of santorum gets way to thick and brown to properly pull out. your only option is to turn off fox news and wait until you become flaccid.
the build of santorum was to great that he got into benghazi.
a ruse used to distract the public when your “facts” don’t support your argument. often used by public servants who only work 78 days a year.

an obstruction tactic used by regressives to avoid doing real work. a way for the opposition party to divert attention from obstructionism and a failed legislative record.
(adj.) the congressman’s irs investigation was going nowhere so he needed a benghazi style distraction.
(verb) the politician decided to benghazi his opponent because he was losing the debate.
(noun) benghazi: translation-“i got nothing”
something republicans pretend to care about so that they can use it as a political weapon against obama. according to them, 4 innocent americans perished because obama didn’t put on his cape, fly over to libya, and melt them with his heat vision.
“let us never forget the 4 americans who were killed in benghazi”
“but what about the scores more who died in iraq, 9/11, and the 13 similar emb-ssy attacks under bush?
“f-ck them, they can rot in a ditch for all we care. we can’t exploit their deaths for political gain, can we?”

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