straight pimpin’
“bro, that guy was bergu-n-ling it with those b-tches in the ferrari”

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  • Beytch

    one who is unable to comprehend or understand you’re point or where you are coming from. not “catching” your drift. or simply opposing or challenging you for no reason other than to be a beytch–ss. there are common cases of people not knowing that they are a beytch; completely unaware of their constant jack-ssery. this […]


    “best friends forever and l-sty lovers forever.” when your bff becomes your hot loving partner. “i knew you guys were close, but i thought you were just friends.” “no, we became bffallfs.”

  • BHOK

    short form. “banging head on keyboard.” “bangs head on keyboard.” f-ck i’m dumb!!!!!! -bhok-

  • bhosdi ke

    a wh-r-s husband a man never wants to be a wh-r-s husband..(bhosdi ke)

  • Bichondria

    individuals with bichondria cycle through episodes of hyperchondria and hypochondria. at times such an individual would feel that their health is invulnerable despite medical evidence and symptoms that suggest otherwise. at other times such an individual would fluctuate to feel their health is compromised despite no medical evidence or symptoms that would suggest their health […]

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