Berkeley software design, inc

berkeley software design, inc
(bsdi) a company that sells bsd/os, a commercial version of berkeley standard distribution unix, networking, and internet technologies originally developed by the computer systems research group (csrg) at the university of california at berkeley.
leading csrg computer scientists founded bsdi in 1991. bsdi’s bsd/os represents over 20 years of development by the worldwide bsd technical community. bsd technology is known worldwide for its powerful, flexible and portable architecture and advanced development environments.
bsdi designs, develops, markets, and supports the bsd/os operating system, internet server software for ibm pcs, and other products. bsdi planned to release an internet gateway product for novell ipx networks in 1995.
e-mail: .
address: 5575 tech center drive, #110, colorado springs, co 80918, usa. telephone: +1 (719) 593 9445. fax: +1 (719) 598 4238.

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