to curse; invoke evil upon.
historical examples

and beshrew me if i would either rob thee of it, mine own good nan, or its old walls of thy sweet presence when i shall be dead.’
the catholic world. volume ii; numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. e. rameur

beshrew me, sis, but since when didst thou shift to so fair a taste for—what was it?
historic boys elbridge streeter brooks

beshrew his heart for his labour, how everything about me quivers.
the works of john marston john marston

“beshrew me, i thought the jester was a craven,” growled he of the boar.
under the rose frederic stewart isham

retire softly, i did not look for you these two hours, lady, beshrew your hast: that way.
the mad lover francis beaumont

beshrew me, but i fear thou mayest be in very truth a kind of witch!
maid sally harriet a. cheever

i would you had less, mistriss, i could wish it, beshrew my heart she moves me cruelly.
beaumont & fletcher’s works (8 of 10) francis beaumont

thou’rt a valiant and expert gentleman, hal; beshrew me else!
a gentleman player robert neilson stephens

beshrew me if i don’t think an evil spirit has crept into you.
captain ravenshaw robert neilson stephens

the church will never make much out of my prayers, beshrew me!
the last of the vikings john bowling

(transitive) (archaic) to wish evil on; curse (used in mild oaths such as beshrew me)

early 14c., “deprave, pervert, corrupt,” from be- + shrew (v.) “to curse;” see shrew. meaning “to invoke evil upon” is from late 14c.

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