a simple past tense and past participle of beseech.
to implore urgently:
they besought him to go at once.
to beg eagerly for; solicit.
to make urgent appeal:
earnestly did i beseech, but to no avail.
historical examples

mr. clay went to him and besought him to withdraw the motion; but in vain.
thirty years’ view (vol. i of 2) thomas hart benton

she had re-appeared; it was she herself who now sobbed and besought him to be tender and merciful.
the dream emile zola

and simon’s wife’s mother was holden with a great fever; and they besought him for her.
his life william e. barton, theodore g. soares, sydney strong

he sn-tched my hand, and besought me not to leave him in displeasure.
clarissa, volume 3 (of 9) samuel richardson

the third foreman i besought was an elderly german with a paternal manner.
the long day dorothy richardson

soon it was i who besought the count to fly—to leave me—to see me no more.
the international monthly, volume 3, no. 2, may, 1851 various

gabriele went up to her mother, and besought her to notice how well louise looked, and the rose, how becoming it was to her!
the home fredrika bremer

labordette called her a goose and besought her to be silent.
nana, the miller’s daughter, captain burle, death of olivier becaille emile zola

she denounced the countess to my face, and besought my mother to omit the sempachs from her list of acquaintances.
the king’s mirror anthony hope

upon those grounds she besought me to forgive him and let him go.
bardelys the magnificent rafael sabatini

the past tense and past participle of beseech
verb -seeches, -seeching, -sought, -seeched
(transitive) to ask (someone) earnestly (to do something or for something); beg

middle english besohte, past tense and past participle of beseech.

late 12c., bisecen “to beseech, beg urgently,” from be- + middle english secen “to seek” (see seek). german cognate besuchen is merely “to visit.” related: besought; beseeching.

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