best dude point

points that can be given out to your best dudes when they do something that a best dude would do like talk you up to some chicks or giving you extra food or just plain helping out. points can range from negative infinity to positive infinity.
matt: hey man can you pick me up at the bar.

chad: yeah on my way.

matt: thanks, best dude points to you.

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  • bestiez!

    also bff. diffrent to best friends because bestiez! are usually cuter. girl 1: did you know charlotte and klaire are best friends? girl 2: they’re so cute together! they’re bestiez!

  • bethany beach delaware

    southern delaware’s chillest beach. the hotties all go to indian river high school and know how to skim, surf, and longboard. definitly the best beach in delaware. girl; hey, want to hit up bethany later? guy; okay, i’ll even let you on my board if you’re lucky. 😉 girl; bethany beach delaware here we come!

  • beyoo

    the sound emitted as someone is being, or has just been sniped. derived from the sound of a silenced gun or sniper rifle. with a quick jab and an almost inaudible beyoo, marc snagged the last fruit snack from carl’s hand.

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