first featured in the publication of great expectations, betwixted it thought to be a verb for “the action one does before eating a twix”, which is contrary to many beliefs. betwixted is not only a word though, it has paved the way for many great figures in history. thoman jefferson betwixed the declration of independace, the very law of our country. ghadi betwixed his peave movements, and judging from his size, one must know buddah betwixed everytime he f-ck-ng did anything!!!
not only is betwixted an important thing in history, but it’;s also methamophisized into the relgion betwixtedism. today mars chocolate company’s ceo is also the cardinal of this fast-growing relgion. today people are buying cases of twix’s so they can sacrifice there actions to the better of thier god.
molly:im going to betwixted

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