a wonderful quirky artsy girl. shy on the outside, yet complex and misunderstood underneath that sh-ll. very s-xy, big b–bs, great curves and loves to give pleasure as much as recieving. super intelligent and very loyal. a keeper, a bff, a soulmate
bev is a bff that will always be there for you in good times and bad, one that will never let you down
(v) short for beverage. describes the act of consuming alcohol. can also be used as an adjective.
(v.)let’s bev tonight
(adj.) dude, i was super beved last night!!!
beverages, usually of the alcohol variety
i could really go for some snacks and bevs right now
background: derived from the life of beverly ardnet of maryland, a middle aged woman who would often enter the house of another, make a sandwich, and leave without saying h-llo or providing compensation.

bev: those who admire, learn, and live by the principles of beverly ardnet.

to bev: to appropriate the property of another for one’s own benefit, often in the presence of the owner.
1. kevin took my new shirt out of the closet right in front of me, then he wore it to happy hour. he’s such a bev.

2.charlie came over yesterday and drank all of my beer right in front of me. what a bev.

3. wanna go bev charlie’s fridge?

4. some girl left a pizza in the oven and we bevved it before she got back. sucks for her.

5. tim, i’m bevving your pants, and you’re not going to do anything about it.

6. charlie exemplifies the principles of bevitude.
short for “beverage.”
i’m thirsty. better go snag a bev.
verb – to beat the odds or distinguish yourself. to pull off what some might consider impossible.
“dude, you won the tournament and you’re rich?”
“yeah man, i pulled a bev.”
acronym for black english vernacular, which is the technical term for ebonics. it is cl-ssified as a dialect, for all you uneducated f-cks out there that think it’s a lazy form of english. also called aave (african american vernacular english).
will: “i went to the ghetto yesterday and i felt like they were speaking another language.”

john: “that’s because you don’t understand bev.”

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