(v) to exit the bed.
i’m not going to bexit today, i can’t even.

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  • bsfoomn

    (also bsfoomn) abbreviation of breathing slightly faster out of my nose. informal used when something is funny, but not funny enough to make you laugh out loud. “human beans are so cool” “bsfoomn”

  • c*wk slawp

    a substance similar to a yogurty pancake. basically rotten c-m, sometimes fed to barnyard animals or hipster g-ys. similar to c-ck slop but more slawpy. hipster f-ggot~ this c-wk slawp is particularly c-m raggy and extra slawpy, thanks dad!

  • rock with lips

    stubborn head that doesn’t shut up. shut up you rock with lips

  • greasy frog

    the act of covering your partners entire body in lube and beginning to have s-x with them as you both jump around the room man i tried to give skyler a greasy frog last night. but my d-ck kept slipping out

  • whammable

    whammable – someone hitting on worthy at the same time being able to show affection brother that chick is whammable at the same time attractive and in my league

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