under the influence(ie weed,alchol,etc)
i dont need anymore im freakin bezootered

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  • Bgiant

    something that is larger than big but not quite giant. something somewhere in between. ‘that is a bgiant cup of tea/coffee.’ for when you are served a beverage in a mug that is inbetween the sizes at starbucks.

  • Bihomosexual

    a girl or boy who claims to be bis-xual but prefers the same s-x more. girl 1: “hey, are you gay?” girl 2: “no, i’m bi, but i like girls more. i’m bih-m-s-xual.” boy 1: “dude, are you gay?” boy 2: “no, i’m bih-m-s-xual, i’m bi but prefer boys.” 1 more definition add your own […]

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    basically anyone who wrecks sh-t on their bikes more then most kalan beisel is a f-cking bike hack, he has broken more frames then picaso

  • Billing Spree

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  • billy club joint

    a term used in the united states to refer to a cannabis joint that is rolled without a filter or “crutch.” samantha was out of crutch paper so she just rolled a beautiful billy club joint instead.

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