bf and gf

girlfriend and boyfriend
molly ‘are you guys like bf and gf?’

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  • ayy thats pretty good

    when you see someone that did good in an enthusiastic way but in the inside, not really good. “boi i got an a on my test” you:”ayy thats pretty good” your brain:”lol you did so f-cking bad on that test because i got an a+!”

  • jhenene

    a charming woman! those women remind me so much of jhenene because of her graciousness

  • colorado fruit smoothie

    putting frozen fruit such as strawberries, kiwi, etc into an ice bong to act as the coolant of the smoke. one may also subst-tute a fruity drink such as lemonade for bong water. man, we took some hits out of an ice bong filled with frozen strawberries. it was a colorado fruit smoothie!!

  • joshua dun

    joshua dun is the drummer from the amazing band twenty one pilots. he has red hair and never really wears a shirt but that’s okay 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 “whoa dude joshua dun is so f-cking hot!” “ikr”

  • buffalo grove high school

    a suck -ss school that all the poor kids go to oh, that kid goes to buffalo grove high school? he must be poor.

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