acronym for: best friend for ever and nothing could ever change that. used for friends that you can’t let go.


acronym for: boy friend for ever and nothing could ever change that.
sarah: “you’re my bffeancect!”
sally: “thanks! you are also my bffeancect!”


abby: “you are my bffeancect, taylor!”
taylor: “aww… you are too sweet…”

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    best f-cking friends for f-cking ever! 1] we are bffffe! 2] we sure are!


    to pick someones bag up and drop it you see bob walking and he has a back-pack, you pull it up and let it go then say “bhaag’d”. that is how you bhaag it its a game play’d at most high schools in canada =3

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  • bickering

    the act of removing -n-l hair with teeth, often the prelude to a rimjob kate’s a dirty b-tch, we were bickering last night and i nearly choked on a cleggnut

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