trolling term, used when a team is being pwned, sometimes used to distract the winning team.
“wtf is bga?”
acronym for ‘bl–dy gorgeous alert’.
use when wishing to indicate to friends that a handsome male is in the vicinity.
-“woh, check out cj dancing”
-“yowzer. bga.”
stand for the ball-grabbing athletes
consists of two men going for each other’s b-lls until one of them submits.
i challenge you to the bga!
expression of struggle or desperation often used at the point of giving up.

has origins in weightlifting as an unintentional safe word.
struggling lifter: “guys? guys!”

spotters: “lol.”

-arms start to give out-

lifter: “…bga!!”

-spotters remove weights-

spotter: “bga is now the safe word”
bga used during gaming, means brilliant gaming around
“took out there entire team.”
“thats due to all the bga this map”

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