a s-xilicious guy who all the ladies love. he is exceptionally gifted below the waist.
girl 1: omg did u see tht guy walk by?
girl 2: omg yes. he is so big. he’s a total biagio
so italian he bleeds tomato sauce, also someone who hits on pink haired girls with horns (creepy)
hey look it’s biagio, he fell down the steps and tomato sauce was everywhere!
total idiot. but can have a nice side. he is so italian he bleeds tomato sauce. doesn’t speak english too well. and kind of popular and a ladies man. usually has brown hair and brown eyes. when he stares at something he likes they get all big and adorable. he believes he will never find the right 1 for him. but one day he will or maybe he even knows this person right now maybe he doesn’t even talk to her maybe all he knows is that she may be the one. but until then he’ll just keep livin the life. the idiot life.
gurrrrrl loook there’s you crush.
don’t embarr-ss me in front of biagio

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