the best city in the amazing state of maine. the guy above doens’t know sh-t, it is actually a great city where the football team is pretty good. the french people in biddafid arethe nicest peopel you with ever meet. biddeford is also referred to as the ghetto of maine or “biddo”. biddo is a great place to visit, and whenever you do, you will find yourself grabbing some pizza at the best eatery alive-alex pizza-(its -rg-smic) biddeford pool is one of the safest, cleanest, and prettiest places to go to the beach. the td hotdog stand is always outside serving delicious fenway franks to hungry beachgowers. you should deffinately go! and hey if you lucky, you might get a visit from the ice cream truck!:)
duuude we should go down to biddafid and f-ck sh-t up!

yahh dudee that weiner was delicous!

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