biebtard: annoyingly overzealous fan of justin bieber who follows blindly.

they can often be found:

1) spamming the net with bieber propaganda

2) changing a completely unrelated topic of conversation to justin bieber
3) reacting to any criticism of “biebz” with pure hatred. while normal, rational fans of justin bieber have a sense of humor, biebtards do not. be cautious, they are contagious.
man: whoa!! did you know kiss 92.5 is giving away wham bam 2010 tickets in a few minutes?? they posted it as a status on facebook!! :p

woman: yeah, but i barely read it because somebody spammed comments about how they love justin bieber and want to have his babies…

man: …what a f-cking biebtard! 😮
noun: a scarily obsessed fan of canadian ‘pop star’ justin bieber. generally female, and generally no older than 16.

somewhat derogatory, similar to “twihard”.
“did you see those screaming kids that shut down half of sydney when the singing canadian elf flew in?”
“yeah, d-mn biebtards.”
(noun) a combination of the word beliber + r-t-rd . biebtard are the person who are obsessed with justin bieber and his sh-t music. biebertard generally includes the teen girls,pre-teen girls and gay men who idolize justin bieber. biebtard are annoying and stupid.

when ever they see bieber in tv or live they scream like crazy sh-t.

biebtard are similar to f-cktard .
guy1: ashley bought the new justin bieber alb-m my gay world 1.0 , 2.0 & 3.0 from amazon,ebay, and itunes.
guy2: ashley is such a biebtard .

biebtard quotes : never say never

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