big f’s

find them
french them
feel them
finger them
f-ck them
forget them
i did the 7 big f’s last night

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  • Biggie Soft

    a biggie soft is when your weiner is slightly hard and big but not hard enough to enage in any s-xual activities. dude, i just pantsed nathan and i swear to g-d he had a biggie soft.

  • Big whup

    no big deal. even if the lawyers can get fines for each violation, the maximum they can get is $100, so no big whup.

  • Bingtan Singlet

    the native attire of the australian bogan. he’s so bogan he has a wardrobe full of bingtan singlets.

  • bitchners

    two gorgeous, vuluptious, enticing, supple, large, tantalizing, delicious, mouth-watering, makes you do nothing but want to squeeze them over and over and over and over again br–sts. the reason that the term motorboating came to be. matt: wow, did you see the b-tchners on that chick? hoffman: yeah, i might schoon later to the thought […]

  • Bitch Park

    parking over to the side so much that the person next to you either can not park or open their door without hitting a car. becca: “i totally just hit this persons car with the door.” brent: “oh well! they shouldn’t have b-tch parked.”

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