when you hog the liquor bottle preferably a alcoholic
person 1-give me da bottle son

drunk person-nooowowwoo
person1- ay you bilen right noww son…
stop bilen!
your such a bilen

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  • bilger

    a tool used to clean sh-t out of the treads of tires get the bilger i just ran over a big pile of horse sh-t. a fake person and or a person who wore the helmet but never played the game game! that d–sh bag is such a f-cking bilger.

  • Billy Bucket

    noun- a radioactive bucket. used for curing emoness by stuffing said emo into the bucket. hit it with a hammer repeatedly, then wait 48 hours. results may vary. “he got all emo on me, so i stuffed him in a billy bucket”

  • ghirardi

    a person with a circular head that resembles a ripe plum look at that chubby dwarf, hes a total ghirardi

  • Gindle

    a statement of agreement. an confirmation. you want sausages for tea? a. gindle. (yes) the small fatty pocket at the small of one’s back, located right above the -ss crack. i know my husband is gaining wait because i can sit on his gindle when i give him a m-ssage.

  • Gibblittize

    -verb 1. the act of damaging an organism so badly (usually through bludgeoning or explosives)that it is, or portions of it are fragmented beyond recognition and thrown free from the main m-ss. 2. the act of converting something into gibblets. gibblittising gibblitized gibblitification holy sh-t! he nailed that rabbit with a quarter-stick and completely gibblittized […]

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