Bing ting

another word for bong toke, bong rip, milking a waterpipe.
eyy take a chundee bing ting bro!

nectarville bro!

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  • binite

    smoeone who trys to front;a b-tch;someone you dont like yous a binite! someone you are jealous of because they are super cute or beautiful that girl right there, yea that binite, d-mn she make me mad!

  • binventory

    extra alcoholic beverages ordered during open bar to avoid paying for them later 1) if we all order 2 beers each time, we will have a nice binventory after the open bar closes. 2) hide the binventory, the bouncer is coming by to remove empty cups.

  • Bishop Watterson

    a bunch of stuck up rich kids who arent good at football but think they are. they like -n-l s-x bishop watterson -sshole is john nutter

  • Bitch Side

    the side of your hand that you would b-tch slap somebody with. “i asked sh-lly to give me a reach around. instead she slapped me with the b-tch side of her hand.”

  • bitchstress

    similar in nature and function to a regular b-tch, however is differentiated because the b-tchstress is even more of a b-tch than the main/regular b-tch. however, because the existence of the b-tchstress is often shrouded in mystery and is rarely visited upon, the b-tchstress cannot be considered the main b-tch. joe: dude you look like […]

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