marijuana laced with pcp.
“smoke a little sherm now you call that sh-t the chronic
n-gg-s on the west side call it bionic”
-eazy-e – it’s on
a word used in the heart of l.a. for weed and cocaine. aka a frosty
smokin the bionic
a feeling of being unstoppable, confident and strong while maintaining a human quality of feelings and good looks and beauty.
i wouldn’t mess with christina, monica, shes bionic tonight.
word that originated from early television shows such as “the six-million dollar man”. quite frankly, no one really knows the true reason, only that it probably has something to do with something that is human but also machine, or vice versa.
“check out my bionic limb. don’t ask me how i got it.”
adjective describing an epic failure that will be forever remembered, usually due to a high amount of audience.
1: “man! do you remember when christina aguilera messed up the national anthem!?” 2: “yes! that was bionic!

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