a dirty wh-r- of a teacher
jesus man, she’s such a biopsy!

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  • bird duty

    to be on bird duty is to be in charge of cooking the turkey for thanksgiving. applies in other situations too. – i gotta go. do you think you can deal with the turkey ? – but i thought that tom was on bird duty this year.

  • birdhef

    the perry county, ohio redneck gang (straight out of nl) can i get a “birdhef”

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    an idiot, typically cheap hired help who can not think for themselves and have limited skills but may have tools. george hired a couple of bisbane s to fix the roof, but it leaks worse than ever

  • bird in a stripey jumper

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  • Bitch Bump

    the act of quickly ignoring an incoming phone call and sending them directly to voicemail. usually done to a person thats calls multiple times a day. john: man, steve wont stop blowing up my phone. when will he get that i dont need to talk to him 4 times a day. jason: what is he, […]

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