political term wherein members of the democratic and the republican parties agree on a particular piece of legislation. (also see ‘mythology.’)
this legislation needs bipartisan support in order to p-ss…i’ll vote for your piece of sh-t pork barrel legislation that i don’t believe in, if you’ll vote against your morals and support my tax-wasting special-interest initiative.”
1) a politician who publicly identifies himself as heteros-xual but exposes himself inside the mens’ restroom.

2) a politician who votes against his/her beliefs because he/she is demonized by members of the opposite party.
1) craig proved he was bipartisan in the airport restroom.

2) president obama is seeking bipartisan support for his financial reform plan.
adj. a compromising endeavor which leaves no one happy and everyone better off.
bipartisan politics is a great idea…much like communism.

today, bipartisan solutions are equally commonsense and unlikely.

“haley, would you like to partic-p-te in a bipartisan love sandwich with me and steve? dave has got the video.”

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