the popular culture phenomenon that is ‘birb’ is rooted in the mindset cultivated by lolcats and doge. birb manifests on both twitter and tumblr.

you will not understand birb if you do not have a sense of humour.
the birb tumblr account has given me new insight into squirrel bingotry.
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pr-nuciation of the the acronym for “brb
birb, i gotta go take a dump.
yet another slang term for br–sts. along with b–bs, t-ts, b–bies, and jugs. coined by two very exhausted bennington college girls working on their biology and stage management homework.
“i hate my birbs”
“look at that girl’s birbs. they are huge”
“oh my, my birbs are all wet. ew.”
“guys, wouldn’t it be great if you could like take out your uterus? then people could like steal your uterus and make you try and get it. then you’d value it more. birbs.”

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