birdie can mean at least two things:

1 – (noun.) a wake and shine pre-roll; often found located near you bed/nightstand.

2 – (verb.) when you take sip from someone else’s drink without the lips touching it.
1 – i like my birdie in the morning ~

2 – “c: can i have a sip? d: no. c: no it’s alright i’ll take a birdie.
d: a birdie whats… c: just see for yourself!! you’ll not! c: -takes a birdie-
used to describe the act of taking a sip from another person’s beverage without touching one’s lips to the rim of the container.

(it is interesting to note that only native orange county residents know the true definition of this term)
1. can i please have a birdie of your water, dude?
a slang term referring to the middle finger.
“i gave that f-cker the birdie when he wasn’t lookin’.”
p-n-s (filipino usage)
don’t touch my birdie
resist temptation please
you don’t have to grab my birdie
just call it, and it will come
a beautiful, loving and intellegent women. she is one who is always warm and caring with a fine eye for every detail.
i can see how she you think she’s a birdie.
getting one under par in golf.
whoohoo! that’s my seventh birdie in a row!
when something messed up has happened.

when an event occurs that is generally of an unbelievable stature.
bruv 1: oh sh-t bruv that chick kicked me in the nuts innit?
bruv 2: that’s birdie bruv!
1) raised middle finger.
2) golf term, hitting the ball into the hole one under par.
3) patronising word for a bird.
1) i birdied the bus today!
2) alright! i got a birdie!
3) mommy! look! a birdie!

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