Bisexual Bison

1) a bis-xual bison is a member of either extant bison species which, despite some unproductive mating time, tends to contribute more to breeding programmes as it is a bovid nympho that just isn’t fussy.

2) a bis-xual bison can, more frequently, refer to a person who swings both ways in both appearance and s-xuality, simply because they are so f%-!ing ugly that that is the only way they will ever satisfy their unhealthy s-x drive. frequently they rely on alcohol and other intoxicating substances to fool people into thinking that they’re just a bit ugly, before they realise that the person is a total f-ck-ng j-zz-pit
“good morning jenkins. by the way, the wife and i engaged in a menage a trois last night.”
“jolly good, smith. was it spiffing?”
“unfortunately, the third was a bit of a bis-xual bison.”
“how absolutely rotten. better luck next time, old chap!”

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