Bitch Bite

a made up word you thought of in an argument with your freinds.

micheal: your such a c-nt f-ck!
anthony: well you’re a b-tch bite!

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  • Bitch Bullet

    feminine sanitary device, a tampon. hey, while your at the store could you pick me up a box of b-tch-bullets, i’m having some fierce menstration. and super-plus-size me! say, could i b-m a b-tch bullet, i just started.

  • Bitched out

    1. being yelled at 2. a good talking to. 3. screamed at. i smacked my sister in the face, and was later “b-tched out” by my mother. when a person male or female just snaps at you for any reason. my friend totally b-tched out the waiter for getting their order worng. in male prisons, […]

  • bitch filter

    a girl best friend who is there to tell you if the girl you are trying to get with is there to use you for your money,car,social status etc.. dude, every girl i end up with ends up being a gold digger and i end up with nothing you just need to find a b-tch […]

  • bitch naw

    used when asked a question that is stupid or r-t-rded; also used when something that has already been asked 1: are yall going to the game? 2: yeah. of course. 3: are yall going to the game? 2: ….b-tch naw!

  • bitch voice

    when someone (usually female) uses a very annoying and “holier-than-thou” tone to try to prove a point usually through the form of a long list of grievances or complaints. she has such a b-tch voice! i’m not going to listen to you seriously with that b-tch voice of yours. copy paste plz: when a […]

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