Bitch Skills

how good of a b-tch you are. the better the skills, the bigger the b-tch.
“nancy doesn’t know how to hide the evidence of her game. she lacks b-tch skills.”

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  • bitch slap your urn

    what someone who seriously cares about you does after you’ve gone and done something incredibly stupid, resulting in your untimely demise. my brother, eloha, if you plank on the 13th story and lose your fight with gravity, i shall nuclear b-tch slap your urn!

  • bitch slot

    the worst position in a band lineup. typically slotted after the headliner. in a band showcase situation, it begins with the opener, headliner and then ‘b-tch slot’. most people in the club have ear fatigue or are in bed. the ‘b-tch slot’ plays to no one.

  • Blood Pony

    a really awesome and manly vampire pony. not gay at all. they are cute and adorable to draw you in, and then they suck your blood…. and you die by blood pony! “oh look! what a pretty pony! i shall mount this pony! what fun!” “gnarrllll yumm yum i am the blood pony slurrrrpppp” …. […]

  • bloody smash

    commonly experienced on the 4th of july when forcing out a normal p–p fart, only to get a smashy surprise coated in bloodula. i got h-lla bl–dy smash in my pants and its smells like your girlfriend.

  • blountilicious

    a word used to describe: weed, pot, and other sh-t. “that weed was super blountilicious…”

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