a man that is married to a b-tch. a pittiful husband cursed with a b-tch for a wife.
she’s a b-tch and he’s her b-tchband.

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  • b*tched over

    when you get fooled, hurt, or otherwise had a negative experience with a b-tch. like being f-ck-d over, but by a b-tch. “hey man, you remember that girl who was so great, in the end i got b-tched over.”

  • b*tch fever

    the act of becoming a b-tch or a a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person for a certain amount of time to friends and family, causing extreme confusion and annoyance to others. girl 1: ” i’m not hanging around jennette anymore”. girl 2: “why”? girl 1: “she’s caught b-tch fever, i’m gonna wait till it p-sses to […]

  • b*tch h*ll

    when you are living with a roomate that is a total b-tch or married to a total b-tch. its the same thing everyday your wife is constantley complaining about this or that or on your -ss about everything and mad about everything you do or dont doing-“your living in a b-tch h-ll”

  • bittah

    just a different spelling of the word “bitter”, but more jewish and more gay. tranny chaser eddie murphy is so bittah because he didn’t win best supporting actor for his role in “dreamgirls”.

  • bizarrster

    a bizarre disaster – this could be anything from a nonsensical fancy dress costume to a hilarious misfortune. ‘what’s he trying to achieve with that clockwork orange makeup, stetson and panda suit?’ ‘do you think he’s supposed to be some sort of sinister cowboy bear?’ ‘i don’t know but that costume’s a total bizarrster’.

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