when someone says they will do something, someone may call b-tchcard. if the b-tchcarded person does not do the said task, they get kicked in the b-lls (guy) or punched in the b–b (girl).
“i will eat 5 pounds of jello!” “b-tchcard”
something is said by a person , stating something they will do…. if b-tch carded by another person , ( yelled out by another person) the person that was b-tch carded for the statment must complete the task said in 24 hours or less. or if not , the person is kicked in the nuts by that person that called the b card.
person a = “im gonna rob a bank”
person b = ” b-tch card ”

a card that every girl has. the amount of spending money a girl has on her b-tch account is based on how hot she is. the hotter the girl, the more “purchases” she can make with her b-tch card. b-tch cards tend to be overused by uglier females.
girl: (anything b-tchy)
boy: girl you ain’t that fly, i am goin’t have to take your b-tch card away before you run up a m-ssive debt!
a business-like card given to females (b-tches) that sparks a celebrity’s interest. given to hopeful one-night stands.
elliott sadler gave that pit lizard his b-tch card.

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