short for b-tchmonkey. more often used in a religious context as a satire on the clergy’s policy of excluding women.
that priest i met in africa was such a fracking b-tchmonk~!

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  • Bitch Scope

    when someone shoots you but its not a no-scope or a quick scope its somewhere in between dammit paul stop b-tch scoping this is a quick scope lobby! when you b-tch scope you ruin loose my respect

  • Blackberry Down

    almost as tragic as blackhawk down, the act of dropping your blackberry at a bar or party onto some surface that could cause epic damage. as jessica’s blackberry slipped out of her drunk hand onto the concrete patio, the crowd stepped back and announced “blackberry down”

  • Black Cock Pound

    a h-m-s-xual p-rnographic parody of black hawk down, starring ben -ss-lick and josh hard-nips. i went to a stag shop to rent a p-rno to rent a full length movie such as “e.t. – extra t-st-cl-” or “black c-ck pound”.

  • Black Corn Hole

    when the oakland raiders get f-cked in the -ss on their home field. in the opening game of the 2008 season, the raider got black corn holed!

  • black eyed 69

    the act of recieving filatio while driving a car, braking abruptly so your d-ck pokes girl in the face giving her a black eye i gave a b-tch a black eyed 69 the other day while driving, some d-ckhead cut me off and i d-ck slammed the hoe.

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