a b-tch and a cabrona
you are such a b-tchona

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  • jesus montano

    a handsome man, that pulls many girls. he’s very popular, and many people enjoy his company. he also tends to have a short temper but long p-n-s. that guy must be a jesus montano -heart eyes-

  • yeston

    superficial, shallow, but wouldn’t hurt a fly don’t be such a yeston

  • jadasia

    a cool lit person . she’s crazy at times . she’s gorgeous and can dress . she’s a reallly good friend . it’s never a dull moment with her . she’s the sweetest person and loves everyone . jadasia is lit brooo . a fun, outgoing person that knows how to stand up for herself […]

  • talayna

    a very smart individual that loves her animals;she loves the outdoors and is always outside;she is musically inclined;and last but not lease loves everyone for themselves talayna goies out side everyday

  • babidiwiwa

    when ones head/hair cut looks like a mushroom yo luke u are babidiwiwa today my g

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