an awesome, beautiful, drunk woman that can hang, dance and is a cuuuuutie!
b-tchpo, come have a shot with me!

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  • bitch slob

    an abusive term accidently made up while stoned, short for i’ll b-tch slap u u fat slob stop it or i’ll b-tch slob u haha lol

  • Bitchus interuptus

    the act of said female interupting man buisness, or a man’s conversation. i was watching the football game and right when tennessee scored, my girlfriend called. i answered,”b-tchus interuptus,” and hung up.

  • bitna

    b-tch. you’re an ol bitna david.

  • bizaat

    the best rapper alive, one with most swag ryan prashad, bizaat, rip

  • bj snooter

    while recieving a bl-w j-b, bust in the back of the throat while simultaniously tickling the girl giving the bl-wj-b causing them to laugh and having the c-m shoot out their nose “yo, i heard tom gave sally the bj snooter over the weekend and now she refuses to give him head ever again.”

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