back in the mother-f-cking day
that sh-t is from bitmfd

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  • bitter betty

    someone with an exceptional amount of pms or a general cranky disposition. “he sure was acting like a bitter betty this afternoon at the meeting” extreme bitterness given off by someone who has just lost a game of mario party after losing all of his stars and the lead, brent became a “bitter betty”

  • bit the dust

    bit the dust: (v) fell “my mom just bit the dust in the hallway.”

  • bitty hitty

    a man that does well with the ladies, similar to a player but without any negative connotation. i saw you with them girls you bitty hitty!

  • biugaw

    biugaw is a totally awesome guy who always makes everyone loves playing with him. and this is also a secret of the chinese legend. “wow!! your reaction sounds like biugaw.”

  • biznickle

    another term for a biznitch meghan is a biznickle

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