a creature, one of most hidious proportions. constanly doing things, many times randomly and annoyingly. a bizsek is a parasite that leaches on to others, but only to borrow their dvds. -precious dvds- also a bizek can cause extrem r-t-rdedness when exposed to long enough.
1-h-llo(man) rahhahah derr derr (bizsek) omg(man) ::humping noises:: man explodes in a cloud of flesh and blood.
2-omg(lady)::bizsek breaths in face:: ::lady’s face peels off::
3-hey get out of those trees(man) derrrrr (bizsek) ::jumps from tree killing man:: ::world implodes::
-4-“the sweat mixed with the left over cr-p in my -ss, and when my boxers rode up it smeared it.”

–famous quote from the bizsek
an living sac of infectious diseases that lives only in the darkest cracks of extremely fat and ugly women, for that is its only home. no light can escape from the bizsek! its g-sses are more powerful then any poisonous chemical. also, whoever goes near the bizsek becomes r-t-rded, like the bizsek.
1-waoh! look out for teh bizsek!
2-ack! i touched the bizsek, now i have cancer.
3-durr, after i touched the bizsek i’v become r-t-rded.

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