bl-w j-b
well last night my gf was giving me a bj
abbreviation of bl-w j-b or bl-wj-b. occurs when a female puts a man’s p-n-s into her mouth and sucks on it while tonguing the head. apparently very popular among young teens, equivalent to kissing.
i don’t think i will ever give a bj… but i heard my best friend did it in the car while her boyfriend was driving.

nancii gave me the best bj i’ve ever had.
the friend of barney the purple dinosaur
“hey barney”
“h-llo bj, how are you today”
1. bl-w j-b
2. when a girl makes a guy happy in his pants by sucking on his member
3. the name of some geek who gets h-rny from rubbing his calculator violently
1. she gave one h-lla good bj last night.
2. gimme a bj.
3. stop buying bj calculators. he keeps staining his pants.
another way of saying bl-w j-b
i could be giving a bj to some guy right now
beef jerky. its really yummy.
kalin, hook me up with the bj.
gotcha back bro.
when a man is too lazy to put forth any effort, so he makes his b-tch do all the work.
long day. come here, woman. -gets bj-
short term for bl-wj-b-which is the sucking of a man’s p-n-s
yo, wanna give me a b.j.

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