a pure sh-thole centred in bolton, commonly known as ‘horwich’. bl6 is full of sk-nks, druggies,chavs, more druggies and the infamous ‘horwich youth’. the chavs live up brazley and the sk-nks live near station park. ‘station’; also known as station park; is were dodgy sh-t happens and local police raids occur. if anyone ever…. and i mean ever, say the following : … ‘bl6 on the map’ ‘gwannin’ ‘b-mbaclat’ or ‘horwich town’ …. simply look the other way avoiding eye contact and walk away at a fast pace (in all honestly they’re probably already chasing you or thinking of raping you behind the leisure centre)
horwich chav : f-ck me laddddd, whats gwannin ??!!
lost toursit : excuse me sir; where am i ??
horwich chav : f-ckin bl6 mate, that’s wer yer at !!
lost tourist : ‘sh-t, maria roll up your window we’re off!!!

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