black death

bubonic plagues that ravaged the known world during the 1340’s.
black death killed millions of asians and europeans.
“latoya jackson, children!”
kids: chef, what’s the black death?
chef: latoya jackson, children!
the black tar taken out of a bong and smoked again because you are desperate
smoking black death
an alcoholic beverage with an unusually high proof. a shot composed of equal parts 151 rum and jagermeister.
i had so many black death shots last night that i danced around a midget like a whirling dervish
a brand of cigarettes that featured a skelton in a tophat, which are unfortunately no longer made.
black death had a phrase on the package “i like ’em and i’m going to smoke ’em.”
a hemaphrodite that plays video games while getting a rusty trombone from another hemaphrodite who ate bad sushi a few hours before and is having m-ssive explosive diarhea.
every time that guy herb comes to the lan he always has to be the loudest blackdeath, why cant he just put a sock in it?
one h-ll of a c-cktail.
i don’t know what’s in a black death, and after a few shots i wont care 🙂

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