is a device which utilizes the gprs data service on mobile phone networks to receive email which is pushed to it (instantly). this device is at the forefront of a new craze with the elites of business. if out on business you must reply to an email quickly mid conversation to distinguish your status in the room, promptly after which other people in the room must show their “need to be in the office all the time” by shuffling their blackberry out of their pocket to check for “new messages”. the blackberry is a tool which must be respected its outlook on the move, it must also be hated.
oh blast simon’s out the office

no its ok he’s on his blackberry
a piece of sh-t phone
candice hates her blackberry and wants to get an iphone
a berry that is dark in color similar to a raspberry but almost black to purple in color. grows mainly on a vine but in the wild in heavy wooded rural southern areas. the vine has a thornish feature similar to a rose bush.
go to the briar patch and pick me some blackberry, so i can make a pie.

i have me enough blackberry’s to make me some dumplins.
blackberry pie,
blackberry stew/dumplins
a cellular device that not only becomes addicting, but takes over a owner’s life and makes them feel as if they can not live without one.
f-ck, i forgot my blackberry at home. i’ll be right back, let me go get it.
a hand-held device which serves as a cellular phone, personal organizer, wireless internet browser, speakerphone, long-range digital walkie-talkie, and mini-laptop which can send and receive email from just about anywherethis status-game also extends to the hierarchies of corporate “roll-out” of blackberrys –to the issues of who has one and who doesn’t. becoming part of the blackberry tier, however, brings its own status-anxieties: now your boss knows you have a blackberry, he or she will be expecting you to use it properly,i.e. instantly, constantly. here’s how reporter janine gibson captured this: the “tiered roll out” … common to every organization that gives blackberrys to its staff means that anyone who is likely to send you an email at 11pm or at the weekend is senior to you. and they know you’ve got a blackberry. if you don’t respond swiftly then you
don’t care enough to check. over a period of weeks, this can result in two symptoms:paranoia and obsessively speedy reactions. the culture of the company you work for has
already changed at “higher tiers” without you realizing, and now you are part of it.
the manager is in hawaii, the ceo is in mexico, and the -ssistant vice president is in equador, yet they are all present at the 11:00 executive board meeting. how? they blackberry’d it. many companies are now using blackberrys to have meetings.

my thumbs hurt. i’ve been using my blackberry a lot, and “thumbing”. now i’ve got blackberry thumb.
a mobile phone that is an absolute waste of £200. blackberry app world is about a tenth of the size of the android or apple store. the apps themselves are not very good either. the camera is a bit rubbish and they are too complicated to use.
person 1: i just got myself stuck into a two year contract on a blackberry without realising how sh-t it is

person 2: wow, you are such an idiot.
a network failure on a (non r-i-m) mobile phone, where text messaging, calls and internet seem to stop working. added in view of the recent comical blackberry worldwide network outage.
dude, my htc phone just did a blackberry (blackberried) – i couldn’t send a text message or surf facebook for a whole half hour!

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