1. a list of banned or undesirable people

2. to put someone on a list of banned or undesirable people
it seems that there are too many counties out there that will blacklist you if you are a citizen and disagree with them.
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a list of individuals that are to be punished or killed.
you’re so on my blacklist.
a list of people that are untrustworthy; deserving of suspicion.
the liberal elites criticize at will, but will cry “blacklisting! blacklisting!” when others criticize them. maybe they’re right. folks like tim robbins are worthy of suspicion.
to be denied services/partic-p-tion from certain activities. usually caused by disagreeable acts against a person, government, or something stupid you did.
jim’s story:

after getting out of prison, jimmy couldn’t get a job anywhere but mcdonalds. he felt he was blacklisted from any work other than crime or a mcjob, so he went back to crime by stealing their chicken nuggets.
a list of all the b-tches you hate and avoid
you b-tch your going on my black list!
a list of disabled or suspicious serial numbers/program keys a manufacturer of a company makes to fight internet piracy.
i downloaded a great game, but all the serials in the -.txt were blacklisted. and the keygen was a trojan!
list of other people that african american people collectively want to off, kill, or make disappear.
yo, is that wiggah on the blacklist? yeah. lets get him.

most non-african americans who use the term ni—- find themselves on the blacklist.

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