one s-xy biioootttccchhh!!
jared blankenburg

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  • Ladyboys the matinee

    mildly tourettic term used by men in carlisle, to break any kind of silence in any kind of circ-mstance. sometimes simply ‘ladyboys’ (or ladyboys the matinee) can be used to replace proper nouns to spice up a sentence. history ‘ladyboys the matinee’ has developed over time from its humble origins in an episode of “i’m […]

  • LADvertising

    advertising your ladish traits to the opposite s-x. i.e. using ladish behaviour to try and impress a girl. person 1: see that guy down a litre of vodka? person 2: yeah man, he was ladvertising to those girls! an advertis-m-nt unquestioningly written for a male audience/client, usually augmented by an excessive display of female flesh […]

  • Chloe Hill

    the most amazing girl ever. i just want to be a chloe hill so much. she’s amazing

  • Ladybonering

    (verb – root (noun) ‘ladyb-n-r’)when a woman has an extreme (but positive) hormonal reaction to a man. “if tony is my sole direction for unrequited ladyb-n-ring, i’m going to be p-ssed”

  • Blankiegasm

    1. s-xual relief caused by the warmth and snugginess of a blankie 2. the act of using a blankie rather than a tissue to m-st-rb-t- “omg this blankie is so warm; i think i’m having a blankiegasm” “dude i totally walked in on joel having a blankiegasm this morning using his favourite childhood blankie d:”

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