the act of of shoving inanimate objects in a b-tth-l- or p-n-s hole
hey man, yesterday night was crazy, i blaphae this girl, and it went everywhere.

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  • blarf job

    when a girl throws up on your c-ck while giving you a bl-w j-b. after dinner, because my girl was on the rag, she decided to blow me, but apparently dinner didn’t sit right with her and she ended up giving me a blarf job.

  • blast me up son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! means pump up the volume. 2.for some adrenaline fueling phrase for the start of your day. 3.saying it just to confuse the f-ck of outta some one in the process also you can just say blast me up if you got no one to say it to. or if it’s a female 1. a-yo […]

  • blastroturf

    almost like astroturf, but more blastro-y. going to lay my lady down on the blastroturf.

  • blatez

    a shorten version of blatently phil: that guy is so fkin fat callum: blatez ! lindsays word. basically a shortened version of blatently. chavs mainly use it but i owned that word nathan-we so rock, and own imvu linds-blatez

  • backdoorbriefcase

    during intercourse having your s-xual partner spread their b-tt cheeks apart, then inserting anything that you can find in the room into their r-ct-m. dude, why is your girlfriend walking funny today? well, for one, why are you checking out my girlfriend and two, its because we did the backdoorbriefcase last night… i used a […]

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