okay so to all you motherf-ckers who think that asians are the best race evr it might just not be. on june 5th 2014 someone were guessing it was miley cyrus came up with blasian. y-sss girlll blasian. a black person that’s asian. the can whoop -ss and do you d-mn taxes at the same time. blasians are known to nae nae and yeet.
michael: hey i have a friend that’s a black that can kick your -ss.
sam: well i have a blasian calculator that can kick your -ss.
michael: d-mn wigga.
someone of mixed african and asian ancestry; technically, that would make him/her afrasian, but blasian is easier to say
tier woods is a blasian.
an individual who is of asian and african/black descent. also known as afro-asian. these individuals have a high probability of coming out very attractive.
ariels mom is african american, her dad is korean. ariel is blasian.

there is a high rise of black/asian women in the entertainment industry.

blasians have become widely known as the most attractive mix in the u.s.
a black – asian
– “is that a black person or an asian?”

– “both, she/he is a blasian

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