Blates like Potates

another term for “blatantly”.
blates like potates!

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  • blau blaster

    slang for a shot of jägermeister dropped into a gl-ss of redbull and chugged. a drunk combination from power blaster and jager bomb who wants a blau blaster?!! team rambox faced off with team teabaggers in chugging the blau blasters the fastest!

  • blazed clown

    someone who wears too much makeup and looks high that b-tch looks like a blazed clown.

  • bleacher bunny

    the wh-r- who chases after the athletes at school, despite the knowledge that they sleep around everywhere and will give her a nice columbian surprise and a broken heart. “d-mn that b-tch is a bleacher bunny, she has had s-x with the entire basketball team.”

  • blechinger

    austrian decent, blechinger(s) are mostly known for being out standing in all they do, any goal they wish to achieve is accomplished. can also be used as a verb, for an action that is preformed without reason. that guy that was in cl-ss today was such a blechinger.

  • blehming

    to dance around in circles like an idiot. also knowing as gliding or sliding. 1. why are you blehming? 2. why am i what? 1. blehming, it’s when you dance in stupid little circles like that. 2. it’s dancing. suck it

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