is an expression, used as an interjection, in reaction to the confusion and perplexity that arises when a person fails to realize or recognize that they are in fact, just on the internet, and no argument or comment or blog post is going to change anything at all, or mean much of anything to anyone outside a limited blog audience. blawg! is enhanced as a reaction to undue and misplaced umbrage.
blogger: man, if obama had only read through my recent posts, he would have done the right thing with the lilly ledbetter legislation.
commentor: blawg!

commentor1: i totally showed your stupid -ss who rules.
commentor2: winning on the internet is unpossible! blawg!!1!eleventy!

musings relating to law in the form of a weblog. includes a blawg.
a blawg is a large p-n-s of an african-american male. at times so large it may resemble a wooden log. blawg, a black log. men of other races are secretly jealous of the blawg and they wish they had one too.
luqeesha was riding on top of tyrone, she had his blawg deep inside her gaping hole. she screamed in ecstacy, “give it to me faster, make that blawg harder.” she was satisfied after her ride on his thick stick blawg.

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