inv-g-n-tions in cell membrane that occur during apoptosis; attract phagocytes.
“when ionizing radiation damage was recognized during g1, rock1 ended up being activated and the membrane started blebbing all over the place.”

pr-nunciation key(bleb)

v, bleb, blebbed. blebing

1 : to play an instrument wildly in a nuevo jazz style, with a predominance of trills in the major and minor of each scale. possibly a diametrically opposed playing style to baroque music. a performance typified by an apparent lack l-stre randomness, accompanied by muttering, possibly dribbling, whilst taking inappropriate and convoluted rest periods, during witch copious amounts of cannabis are consumed.

2 : to render broken, to mess up irrecoverably e.g. “don’t bother trying to fix it, that guitar is blebbed”

3 : to irritate or annoy beyond the usual limits of human consciousness e.g. “shut up! shut up! shut up! your blebbing my f-cking head”
e.g. “don’t bother trying to fix it, that guitar is blebbed”

e.g. “shut up! shut up! shut up! your blebbing my f-cking head”
1. a small blister or pustule.
2. an air bubble.
1. that bleb is disgusting!
2. pop the bleb!
the sound a fishy makes
“bleb bleb bleb” said the fish
blah + bored
bleb (it’s it’s own sentence)
upper portion of the lung, most common in pneumothorax
the left bleb was punctured causing much pain

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